A lot of people ask which model Z is my favorite. This is a really hard question to answer honestly. They are all great but all for completely different ways.

After driving the 300zx (Z32) for so many years and drifting it, road racing it, and drag racing-(very minimal), this would be my go to car for that raw feeling of road racing. Where there are no computers controlling what your doing whatsoever, no traction control, just your skills and the car. If you mess up, your car messes up. You do a clean run, it reflects and the car does a clean run. On the down side, in order to own one of these you need to expect to spend 10k minimum to get one up to speed with all new bushings, suspension, and general maintenance. It’s incredibly hard to diagnose with OBD1, you really need to find someone who knows the car and knows the common issues with them to repair. And expect engine pulls as a part of life.

Having the 350z (z33) for a while now this car as the base model has no traction control or any version of it and is wonderfully predictable for a drift car. It’s near perfect weight distribution of 53-47 is just biased enough to make this the ‘funnest’ of the Z’s in my opinion. You don’t need a lot of power in this model to have a good time. Base 350z, weld the diff, get some good suspension and boom-fantastic drift car, better yet-reliable drift car. With the car not really being ‘too old’ it doesn’t generally need a crazy amount of ‘out of the ordinary’ maintenance. It’s just old enough to have a strong aftermarket backing for upgrades and not be too expensive.

With the 370z (Z34) while beautiful, this car has too many electronics controlling everything. Even when turning the traction control off with the button on the dash, it still has the ipdm controlling and trying to fix what your doing while driving, disconnect the ipdm at the track and the steering gets stiffer, the gauge cluster becomes inoperable, and you gain maybe 50% more control but then you have to have a code reader after the event or go to a dealer to get all those lights off your dash, get the gauge cluster to work, and reset the module. With the electronic steering it feels like it takes an extra second when attempting to counter steer before it does which makes the difference of spinning out on track or being able to hold a drift. The unfortunate thing about adding anything to the 370, is the aftermarket backing for modifications is still priced pretty high since Nissan has been making it for 10 years now (09 models through 2019 models) its still like purchasing parts at pricing for brand new car. I would put the 370z on my list of the perfect fun daily driver with light track use. It has just the right amount of computer control that would help any newer driver on track to make up for mistakes the driver would make without having to do too many modifications to it.

All in all, without having to do many modifications I would have to give the 350z my vote for the favorite-as much as I love my Z32’s and Z34’s one is very high maintenance and one has too many computers controlling the drive.

I don’t have much experience with the older models yet, but if your reading this and do, please put your opinions in the comments below.

Grassroots of Texas


These very grassroots evens at Mineral Wells Airport put on by UpShift Videos are a blast. No pressure, low entry fee (drivers 25.00 and spectators 5.00-includes ride alongs), and your almost guaranteed to burn through all your tires before the day is done.

Weather your learning figure 8’s or wanna give a third gear entry a try this event is for you.


This season will include mainly the 350Z. Getting it prepped with a super angle kit and some other suspension modifications, new seats, roll cage, etc. stay tuned-we’ll have a build thread soon!

For now, come on out to next weekend for some drifting fun!


Moving to Texas this past year and taking some time to get the cars back together I’ll be coming back into drifting this year much more. Goals are set.

In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of Browntown! A custom color I created for our cars…

Car Meets. Must. Change.

This is another mild rant on car meets. I’m hoping this will make a few rounds and people will read it and try to change things for the better…Especially in Southern California.


I went to a car meet this past Friday night here in San Diego. This is the first time I’ve been to a meet in about 4-6 months. I’ve noticed a gradual change since moving out here in 2006-for the worst. When I arrive at the parking lot meet this past Friday, I back my 350Z into a parking spot of the back row, no biggie-I’m not trying to show off my daily, I just want to chat with other people that have similar interests in cars as I do. I get out of the Z and start walking around. There is a good selection of cars to look at and many rows to weed through. Everyone seemed to be standing or sitting in chairs by their own cars, which is fine, but when I tried talking to these people about their cars and try to share what I liked about them, most of their answers were really short and didn’t seem to want to talk to someone who wasn’t in their ‘squad’ ‘group’ ‘team’ whatever you want to call it. Nobody is welcoming. Shit, all the money that these people dump into these cars you would think that they would want to hear about it, or at least be more enthusiastic about someone else enjoying their passion as much as they are. Instead the ‘scene’ seems to be headed into limited interactions. could this be the cause from Instagram or Facebook un-teaching us how to communicate or show emotion?


Just as a comparison, I went to a car meet in Georgia a year or 2 ago. The people out there, while yes, some were camped out by their cars, most were out walking around getting to know one another and when asked what the others favorite car was that day… it was something other than their own… it was shocking, and then to top it off, they would even bring me to the random nice car and explain why that car was so awesome.


This is what I’m getting at-> Recognize the world doesn’t revolve around your car. People are not expected to like it, and when they do-show gratitude that someone else feels the same way you do about something you have. Be welcoming, talk to people. If we cant talk to one another and have sticks up our ass this community has no future. It will no longer be a community.




(the featured image is not of reflection of the Friday night meet I was talking about)

Stocking Stuffers

IMG_7427 Ok I know what your thinking, Black Friday has long past & December has started, but you still need that little extra something for your loved one. That’s right I’m talking about your Z or G. Well, Z1 motorsports has you covered on that final stocking stuffer that you have had your eye on. Let’s talk pedal feel, your ripping down the track in the top of 3rd, you shake the wheel right kick that clutch hard oh what’s that! It’s more solid than ever then throw your car sideways into that corner, feeling that thrill as you exit and straighten out but what!!!! Dude in front spun! You downshift and get on the brakes, response is amazing. “Thank you Z1 brake master brace thank you!” You say to yourself as you avoid nailing your front end. Glad you followed me on that one, now your thinking but Melissa, I don’t want to spend more at the snap on truck than on the parts just to install them. I got you, here’s everything you will need: 15 minutes of your afternoon, 2 10mm, 14mm, 17mm and a 17mm open ended wrench!

And don’t forget to ask Shanna to draw something special on that shipping box!


With the Z1 Brace;



(Pictures by Melissa, write up by Chris Waters)


SEMA 2015 Coverage

SEMA this year I was skeptical about going,  I’ve been every year for the past 6 years or so. (I know some people that have been going for like 20 years in a row, so I really had no excuse). Earlier on in the day there was a guy shooting off gunfire by the airport in San Diego so they shut the airport down for incoming flights, which made our flight from San Diego to Las Vegas delayed one hour at a time for 4 hours.

Two words about this year. Worth it. I had a blast and got to hang out with some of my favorite people along with meeting someone I really look up to Jon Kosmoski-the creator of House of Kolor.

Here are a few pics of the experience…

86 Fest 2015


It was the fourth annual 86 fest at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana Ca on Sunday, September 27, 2015. Although it was about a billion degrees outside, the show did not disappoint.
This year the 86fest did not only include FRS, BRZ and AE86 owners, but all Subaru, Toyota and Scion owners and enthusiast.
One of the cleanest corollas at the show was actually owned by a female which was pretty cool in my opinion. The car was practically perfect from the inside out and it was nice to look at and read about.

One of the things I look forward to the most is probably seeing all the different wheels on the same chassis.

The weather certainly did not stop these car enthusiast to come out and show off their cars and or their appreciation for these cars.

They also had a section in the back of where the show was held at with a few cars doing some autocross and also where Scion was letting a few lucky peeps test drive their Scions.

I am already looking forward to next years 86fest! Every year this show gets bigger and better and I’m hoping my Corolla makes it to the show next year!

StephanieDrifts for MelissaDrifts @ 86 Fest!

Japanese Classic Car Show


JCCS is a pretty neat car show for car enthusiast to attend because it celebrates Japanese vintage cars. It was awesome to see so many different cars you don’t normally see and so many different vendors as well. It’s a show that not only attracts locals car owners but people from all over Southern California. The location of JCCS is one of the things that I think makes this car show a unique and sweet experience. The cars are parked in a lot overlooking the water with the Queen Mary as a backdrop. Although it was close to 80 degrees the ocean breeze kept everyone cool. JCCS is a show that can entertain not only the young folks but the older folks as well. The show was from 9am-3pm and for $15 the entrance I say it was well worth it. I look forward to JCCS 2016.

❤  @StephanieDrifts (on behalf of MelissaDrifts)

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