How To; Roll Fenders

Melissa’s Cheap Ass Way of Rolling Fenders…

Step one; Jack up one corner of the car at a time, but just a couple of inches.

Step two; Heat up the fenders with a heat gun for like 5-10 minutes. (Only do one wheel/fender at a time)

Step three; Use the top of a jack handle, pvc pipe, or baseball bat and slowly roll it in between the wheel and tire-STRETCHING THE METAL in the fender going back and forth using the wheel/tire as leverage

Step three; Make sure fenders stay warm and place about 5-8 magazines in between the fender and the tire…(The more magazines the larger the fender flair)

Step four; Slowly lower the jack onto the magazines.

Let sit for a few hours (I usually let it stand over night to make sure it cools off with the magazines under or else the job you just did won’t take full effect).

2 thoughts on “How To; Roll Fenders”

  1. Hi Melissa

    Nice tutorial – thanks.

    What I’m wondering is, what do you do with the fender linings?
    Since they are screwed to the fender and you are widening the fender itself, how do you make the fender lining fit the fender again?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    Regards from Switzerland,

    1. Thanks!
      As far as the fender linings… What are those? Just kidding 🙂 Take them off! I havent had mine in there since the day after i got my Z.
      There is no easy answer way keep them


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