Update on the Godspeed Turbo’s

So this is long overdue, and many people want to know how my Turbo’s held up, and what mileage the smoke was starting at… well, here’s a simplified question and answer guide to my experience with the Godspeed turbo’s.

Before I start, here are a few things I should mention…

*I had little break in time for the turbo’s before doing a drift event

*The car sat for 30 days after doing a drift event right after the turbo’s were installed

*Once I drove the car again to Willow Springs (second track event since turbos were installed), it lasted half the day before the drivers side turbo blew.

*I had no boost controller (or factory boost cylinoids for some reason)

OK, now to the questions and answers;

Q: How much power did you make after installing the Godspeed Turbos?

A: Its hard to say, when SpecialtyZ put the turbo’s in for me, they also installed my downpipes, bigger intercoolers, and fixed a TON of boost leaks… all in all there was a 120hp gain from the before and after of that visit.

Q: How many miles were on your turbo’s before the one started smoking?

A: There might have been like 350 miles, including one drift event, half of a time attack event, and a lot of highway pulls.

Q: How did you like the godspeed GSP-600 T28 on your ZX?

A: I liked them, I know I really didn’t have a lot of time with them, but they pulled so hard, sounded so awesome, and I think if they had something regulating the boost, they may have lasted longer.

Q: How did they spool?

A: They had extremely minimal lag. On the dyno-the lag of the Godspeed turbos compared to the OE turbo’s was a suprizingly small difference. They pulled at about the same time as the smaller turbos but harder.

Q: Did you think it was worth it for the price, minus the pulling the engine part?

A: For me, yes and no. Since the engine wasn’t pulled it wasn’t as big of an ordeal-still cost a ton in labor. I would say if you have a boost controller, and do the work yourself it’s not a bad deal. But if your paying someone else to do the labor, you may want to think twice.

Q; How were they with the warranty when the one blew?

A: There was a warranty on the turbos and it was honored, they replaced them without a problem or argument.

Q: Why did you want to try them?

A: Everyone else was scared to, and I wanted to see how they would do.

Q: LOL 800$ turbos..

A: I have no reply for this fact ;P

Q: Whats on your car now?

A: Right now, I’m back to the stock Garrett turbos. I have a set of JDM Sport turbo’s I’m going to be trying out next.

Q: Did your Godspeeds show known signs of failure such as smoking or did you discover their death another way?  

A: There was smoke out of the drivers side exhaust pipe…lots of smoke and some loss of boost.

Q: Was choosing Godspeed Turbos a complete regret?

A: Not a complete regret, more of a learning experience. I assumed I had the OE boost controller in my car and it turns out someone who had previously worked on my car took it out and I didn’t find out until about a year later when we pulled my motor and did the motor swap.

Q: How did they fail?

A: There was excessive shaft play in the turbine after being at high RPM’s – aka it blew

**Update 12/21/11; Since I originally started writting this, we were doing another motor swap in AZ and a bolt fell in the intake pipe that leads to the turbo… one of my OE turbo’s got that bolt stuck in it in the initial start up 😦 So for the time being, I’ll be using my backup turbos, aka the Godspeed turbo’s again… next turbo’s I’m going to try are the JDM Sport turbos, which are sitting in my place back in CA.

14 thoughts on “Update on the Godspeed Turbo’s”

      1. Have you done anything different this time around. Like braking them in right, adding a boost controller. How many events have you been to so far with them.

  1. Hey Melissa thanks for that information on the gsp600 turbos, I live in England and got them turbos fitted to my 300zx and there awesome, when I purchased them there was proof of the turbo cores now being balanced on a machine,I have had them on 2000 miles now I actually had them hit 26.5psi at one point and there still going strong, so I would recommend them to anyone

  2. Hello Melissa,

    I was wondering how long the second set of GSP’s last on your car.
    Which injectors did you use on the GSP’s.


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