Project Z32

Paint/Body Work

(Click on the Picture to see the process)

First we are doing the paint and body work-goodbye Irwindale damage on the right rear quarter panel-the band-aid may still be there after it’s fixed in remembrance of the formulaD qualifier in Jan. of 06 that damaged about 3/4 of the cars that were in it.

Turbo Install

(Click on the Picture to see the process)

Next stop, SpecialtyZ to install the Godspeed Turbos, intercoolers and Megan Racing down-pipes and mid-pipes! Time to get a little more power. Greg and Seb from SpecialtyZ are awesome! I would recommend install anything on your Z, Check out a few of the cars they’ve worked on, including my own! click to see their blog!—>

Exterior Modifications

(Click on the Picture to see the process)

What do I do in my free time? I try to find little things on my car to make ‘glitterier’…

6 thoughts on “Project Z32”

  1. ohhh snap!!!!

    your car looks awesome! nice job!!!

    i can tell you got a bit of pearl in the paint too i bet these pictures look nothing like the real thing with tht glitter and stuff good job keep at it.

  2. Very impressive. I know guys that don’t have as much talent as you which is great !

    Kudos for both being beautiful,sharing your gift and inspiring.

    Keep it Rev3’d!

  3. Hey Melissa,

    Love your Z. I just have a question regarding your Godspeed turbo?

    How are they holding up for you ?

    what boost are you running now ? and did you notice anything different than the stock T25 ?

    Let me know.

  4. I was just reading an import tuner mag and saw your car in it and was like hey!! I know that z!! Haha I’m a dork. But it reminded me yo ask how those gsp600’s are working out. Badass car.

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