Chernobyl Drift Spot 2020

10 Minute Break 2019

10 Week Overhaul on the 350Z! 2019

Team Topek Racing Charity Event 2015 ; When you see my inside the car ‘jump’ that was when Steve Millen was passing me on the straight, I didn’t even see him coming when he went off throttle and shot a big flame right in front of me!

‘Selfie’ Video from ZDAYZ 2014

Mount Lemmon cruise in the Z-Tucson, AZ

PVR Motorsports Interview-2011

Extreme AutoFest 2011-Out of car footage

Extreme AutoFest 2011-In car footage

FormulaD Long Beach 2011

AZDRiFT event doughnuts…

San Diego Auto Swap Car-show. Qualcomm Stadium.

Extreme Auto Fest 2010…

Here’s some footage from a Tucson Drift event from 2007… The car was bone stock-no sway bars, no aftermarket suspension. I didn’t realize how much body roll the car had until seeing this video…

My Favorite 300zx commercial…

This one’s great too…

I used to watch this almost every day of 2004…

I ♥ Top Gear…

They are sooo close!!

Super Angle…

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