Rotor Upgrade

So, I’ve waited to post up any sort of write up on these brake upgrades, because I wanted to make sure I had some time behind the wheel to test everything out… and well… They are AWESOME!

Since I couldn’t afford a big brake kit, I wanted to source out a good less expensive alternative, So I talked with Spencer at Z1 Motorsports and he suggested getting the ‘brake master cylinder brace’ for better pedal feel, and a larger rotor upgrade kit (13 inch, compared to the stock 11 inch) to dissipate the heat better.

Here are a couple pictures of the Master Cylinder Brace… least expensive/best/easiest to install $24.00 you could spend. It took about 5 minutes to install-level of difficulty 1…any newbie could ace this without any help.

Link to Z1 Motorsports web site for the master cylinder brace: Master Cyl. Brace

(Stolen from the Z1 web site);

Brake Master Cylinder Brace for all Z32 models.  The most effective brake upgrade for the price. 

This kit braces the brake master cylinder so that it cannot move forward under braking. Brake feel will greatly improve as the master cylinder will be kept from moving and flexing the firewall as it usually does under heavy braking (up to 3/8″ that we’ve seen). This is achieved by a fixed bracket supporting an adjusting bolt which rests against the front of the master cylinder. When the brake pedal is depressed, the master cylinder stays in the same position greatly reducing or eliminating firewall flex entirely.

Unlike other common Master Cylinder Brace designs, the dimensions of this unit have been refined to brace against the front face of the master cylinder housing in the proper position, aligned with the bore rather than off to one side.   The point of contact is positioned directly in line against the forces exerted on the master cylinder by input rod when the pedal is depressed. 

 The kit consists of

  • 1 CNC machined Aluminum bracket
  • Adjustment bolt with flat shaved head
  • Jam nut to lock the adjustment bolt
  • (2) longer mounting bolts (10 mm head)

As far as the HUGE 13 inch rotor upgrade… These things are MASSIVE! Regularly 400.00, these things are on sale for 298.00 Super duper worth it for how much cooler the rotors will run.

The price of 298.00 includes

  • (2) 13″ 1-piece cast rotors  
  • (2) Caliper relocating brackets
  • Grade 9 fasteners
  • CNC Aluminum Hubcentric locating rings
  • Installation manual

The only word of warning with this large of a rotor upgrade is if your running 17 inch wheels or smaller, you may have caliper clearance issues. We had to dremel the teansiest part of the top of the caliper down to fit and not rub on the barrel of my 17 inch front wheels, when we test fitted with 18’s there was more than enough room.

Link to Z1 Motorsports web site for the 13 inch Rotor Upgrade; 13 inch Rotor Upgrade



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