Godspeed Turbos

So I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding the Godspeed Turbos… Sooooo here’s what I’ve got so far. I’ve had the T28’s on the car for about a month so far, I daily drive the car, drive it to LA from San Diego about once a week, take it to Arizona from San Diego about once a month, I’ve put a few thousand miles on them so far and they are great…
I’ve been going to events and really pushing the car.. always on the rev limiter and everything is still strong.
Since the Turbo’s have been put in, along with the Godspeed intercoolers and Megan Downpipes and test pipes the car feels more efficient and solid. I have 161,000 miles on my Z right now and if you drove it you would never know it was that high…
As for the boost? Well it originally boosted at 3k rpm’s… now boosts at 3200rpms, so considering that these turbos are bigger the lag isn’t much worse than the stockers. Which could probably be helped out with the dual MAF upgrade which I haven’t done yet…Soon though.

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  1. I’m Curious Melissa. How much horsepower are we talking here? 3200 rpm is the mid-point for a lot of engines. What’s the red line on the Z ? Have you done anything to the bottom end (mains or rods) with 161K? That’s really quite remarkable.

  2. Mellissa , can you tell me how much boost are you running with the Godspeed T28 turbos? i would like to get a pair but i would like to know really if its worth the money. They do look like copies of the JWT sport 600 turbos. Its a good price for an alternative to the expensive garrett turbos. Let me know if they hold out.Thanks.

  3. Hi,

    Are your turbos still alive ? What’s about the whining sound when they spool up ? Do they sound always the same ?
    Did you meet other people having some Godspeed turbos too ?
    I would be very interested in someone having dismantled this turbo after use …

    A french 300zx owner.

  4. Hi Melissa:

    I have been searching all over for reviews on these snails. I plan on being a test dummy for them too as soon as i get home from afghanistan. So far youre the only one I’ve seen brave enough to try them. Kudos. I’d be interested to see what numbers they put down on an otherwise stock engine. I have the same setup already with the GSP intercoolers and megan downpipes so ill probably be in the same ballpark. So stock high miles bottom end and all? pretty awesome. I’ll keep checking back if you post up dyno numbers. Thanks again for being brave enough to try what most people put down with no experience.


    1. Thanks for the kudo’s for the bravery! Most people arn’t as brave lol… as for the numbers I got before and after.. they arn’t very accurate because I had so many boost leaks. if you look on SpecialtyZ’s blog it has the numbers…. Link
      It does seem like we have a similar set up….
      One of the turbo’s started smoking-the drivers side one…after a track event at Willow, I have the motor out now figuring everything out now.

      1. haha no problem. The gains seem to be pretty good especially considering stock injectors and all. I was thinking of JECS 650cc injectors and was using an afc neo to make any adjustments i needed with an e-boost controller. It seems like oil seals are most people’s problems with chinese made turbos i never really hear of catostrophic failure, just smoke. I may still try them but I think I’ll have to keep stock turbos for the initial swap and just set up a kit for when i get home for good for the GSP’s. Seems like a good gain for the money though. kudos again. let me know how that smoking turns out.

  5. Hey hey, just stumbled onto this blog, always have been a fan of the 300Z and overly disappointed to this day that the 350Z and 370Z are not factory turbocharged. Do you have any further updates on these turbo upgrades with injectors and MAF?

    1. Cool, well thanks for posting! I was a little disappointed the new Z’s didn’t come factory turbo’d also :/ I don’t have any updates with bigger injectors or the dual MAF set up-I intend on putting those things in the Z next… for now i’ve been working on the S13 more. As I progress with both cars, I’ll be posting it up on here 🙂

  6. Hey Melissa. Been a while since I’ve seen anything about these turbos. I just got home and can’t wait to go on leave and work on my z. Just wondering what ever happened with the gsp600’s and what your final verdict is?

  7. Hi there just dropped on your blogg i my self here in the uk have 300zx tt and was looking at these godspeed t28 turbos
    would you happen to know aprox the amount of Miles they have done before smoking started
    thanks again

  8. Hey Melissa . I just bought Godspeed not gonna lie, just on a budget. But on the installment of the wastegate they have dual port and which one do I use lol plus I have a boost control

    1. Hey Steve! I think I actually have a picture of which one hooks up… I remember you just leave the other one open… I’ll see if I can find that picture. Won’t be until I get back to my computer for a few days?
      As far as the Godspeed turbos… Just be careful and start saving for another set once you get these in 😉

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