5 thoughts on “Project S13”

  1. I’ll save the email to see the “before & after” I will be needing tires in the next couple of months. Please send me the web address so I can order when ready. Thanks Melissa.

  2. Where are the painted pictures checked monday and today i feel lied to….. lol…..

    Nice to meet ya on sat at the Z Drive. You still gatta email me a pic of the rims

  3. Jon-
    paint wasnt quite finished. the cruise took longer than either of us had guessed it would, and so did prep and primer. she said she was going to try and get it done this week in san diego, but we’ll see!

  4. well hope she does, im excited to see it after all the hype on sat. Only reason i commented was cause i said if they wern’t up mon .i was gonna give her shit lol.

    I’m sure its gonna look good. The cruise was a bit longer than i thought as well but it was a good time we left about 10 min after you did.

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