…is the commonly-used term for matching the speed of the engine to that of the transmission when downshifting 1. Apply the brake with the ball of your right foot 2. Depress the clutch pedal with your left foot 3. Place your hand on the gear lever 4. Rotate your right foot counter-clockwise by pushing your heel away from you, then “blip” the throttle with the right edge of your right foot by rolling your foot down and to the right, while still applying even pressure to the brake pedal 5. At the same as the throttle blip, move the gear selector into the lower gear 6. Release the clutch pedal quickly


…a slow side-to-side faint like drift where the rear end sways back and forth down a strait.

Clutch kick;

…push the clutch pedal on approach or during the turn in to a corner. The clutch is “popped” to give a sudden jolt through the driveline to upset rear traction, causing the power wheels to slip. Drifting is maintained by balancing the throttle.


…To start drifting using the throttle, this is performed when entering a corner and using the accelerator to slip the rear wheels, producing heavy oversteer  through the turn. You will often need a lot of horsepower to make this happen.

Braking Drift;

…trail braking into a corner. Loss of grip is obtained and then balanced through steering and throttle motions.

E-Brake Drift; (I don’t believe in this kind)

…This drifting technique is very basic, pull the E-Brake or side brake to induce rear traction loss and balance drift through steering and throttle play. This can also be used to correct errors or fine tune drift angles. Main drift technique used in FWD vehicles

9 thoughts on “Techniques”

  1. Heel-toeing sounds complicated. I wish you the best in the next event on the 29th. I must say it was very nice to be offered an opportunity to see this. Maybe another event here in CA. Thanks so much Melissa.

  2. What happen to ur z33? How is it drifting a z32? I owned a 1991 TT and felt the car was too heavy. I host a few events at Willowsprings raceway, must of us run z also. It would be cool to see you out.

    1. The payment was 900.00/month on the Z33… bad interest rate on a 30K loan… I had to get rid of it sadly 😦 Lemme know when the events are up there, I’m always down to go!

    1. the Z33 was a cakewalk compared to the Z32.
      suspension mods… hmmm those are hard to explain…lol at least some brands are hard to explain… basically coilovers, tie rods, adjustable control arms.

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