4 thoughts on “October 30 and 31st!”

    1. i most likely will just be going sunday…taking the 240 out to that one… see what it does as-is.
      Buttonwillow sounds cool, might have to give that some thought, maybe dabble in a little of each.

      1. Sweet. I’m signing up for the drift group, but I’m also bringing my grippy tires for the open grip session at the end of the day. There need to be more Z32s on track haha. I’ve posted in the LA and SD sections but no interest. It is a little disheartening.

  1. Hey there, Its me chuy, I met you at the gas station in grossmont ( on jackson drive) but im not so sure you remember me. I just wanted to drop by n’ scope your site see what its all about, pretty cool. I wish you the best of luck on your projects and hope to see more. Take care and remember me.

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