3 thoughts on “Turbo’s”

  1. Going from the stockers to these God speeds,how do the feel? ie: lab,respose,etc…

    Just curious since GodSpeed has had mixed reviews & opinions over the years…


    1. They feel great… I’ve had them on for about a month, daily drive the car, drive from San Diego to LA at least once a week, and from San Diego to Phoenix at least once a month, and with the down pipes, test pipes, and intercoolers, the car feels more solid and efficient.
      Since they are bigger turbos there is a little more lag, not much though-the stockers spooled at about 3k rpms, and these spool at 3200rpms…. so not to much of a difference there.
      They are also much louder, If there is anything els you wanted to know about them feel free to ask!

  2. Nice, thanks for the insight…..Not sure on the stated outputs of the GodSpeed line of turbos,but whats the MAX rated output for the set you installed? 4,5,600hp? Based on your dyno on SZ’s website, and their comments, looks like you still have plenty of room to get more out of them once you add a few bells and whistles under the hood,etc.. & turn up the boost 🙂


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