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Social Distancing

During Covid Quarantine it was super important to keep busy. Trying to take on some work at the house to keep myself creative, obtained a puppy, went to ‘the drift spot’ in Dallas, and did a little road trip.

Meet Shiro (She-row). She is a Great Pyrenees who’s named after the ‘Shiro edition’ 300zx (Z31 chassis). Shiro also means ‘white’ which is fitting!

My friends Craig and Kimberly have a Great Pyrenees who ran away for a couple days and got knocked up by another Great Pyrenees and had 9 puppies. (Craig restores older Z cars under the name Simtec Motorsports; IG @simtecmotorsports). When I brought Shiro home that day, my neighbor saw her and they went to go pick up Shiros sister… now the sisters get to grow up together!


The first order of work at the house was to complete brakes, hard wiring in a dash cam and radar detector on our friend Zahids GTR.

While we had it, Zahid started thinking about making the car his, and doing some customizing to it to make it pop. We started with new Nismo orange lugs and powder coating the wheels gold.

This looked great, but we needed something that really makes it stand out. I prefer to draw out ideas than build them on the computer… (I know the computer way is better and more accurate, but I really enjoy using my hands to draw it out!) So to the drawing board I went! I drew out three different ideas for graphics and texted Zahid to see what direction he wanted to go. (pictured below is the office, taking a break from the vinyl and looking at new couches)


The final design reflected the Fast and Furious GTR, but with a little twist. Matte black vinyl over a sliver of gold to match the wheels. It came out really nice!

Some fun still had to be had out of the house and in my Z, so we went to the drift spot and showed Hayley (Silver GTR pictured below IG @stig_gtr) what that spot was all about! It was a freaking blast, it always is.

The 370Z also got a make over during this ‘down’ time. We had been sitting on a full new style nismo kit for it, a Seibon carbon fiber hood, sweet wing, and some little side skirt inserts.

Car cruises still existed during this time, and in my opinion that was the best part of social distancing! Thanks to Maly and George for getting a few sweet shots out there! (George IG @_alphalyfe)

Ending ‘Quarantine’ we took the dogs to San diego, and Tucson, visited family and made a planter for some herbs! Very productive.

Car Meets. Must. Change.

This is another mild rant on car meets. I’m hoping this will make a few rounds and people will read it and try to change things for the better…Especially in Southern California.


I went to a car meet this past Friday night here in San Diego. This is the first time I’ve been to a meet in about 4-6 months. I’ve noticed a gradual change since moving out here in 2006-for the worst. When I arrive at the parking lot meet this past Friday, I back my 350Z into a parking spot of the back row, no biggie-I’m not trying to show off my daily, I just want to chat with other people that have similar interests in cars as I do. I get out of the Z and start walking around. There is a good selection of cars to look at and many rows to weed through. Everyone seemed to be standing or sitting in chairs by their own cars, which is fine, but when I tried talking to these people about their cars and try to share what I liked about them, most of their answers were really short and didn’t seem to want to talk to someone who wasn’t in their ‘squad’ ‘group’ ‘team’ whatever you want to call it. Nobody is welcoming. Shit, all the money that these people dump into these cars you would think that they would want to hear about it, or at least be more enthusiastic about someone else enjoying their passion as much as they are. Instead the ‘scene’ seems to be headed into limited interactions. could this be the cause from Instagram or Facebook un-teaching us how to communicate or show emotion?


Just as a comparison, I went to a car meet in Georgia a year or 2 ago. The people out there, while yes, some were camped out by their cars, most were out walking around getting to know one another and when asked what the others favorite car was that day… it was something other than their own… it was shocking, and then to top it off, they would even bring me to the random nice car and explain why that car was so awesome.


This is what I’m getting at-> Recognize the world doesn’t revolve around your car. People are not expected to like it, and when they do-show gratitude that someone else feels the same way you do about something you have. Be welcoming, talk to people. If we cant talk to one another and have sticks up our ass this community has no future. It will no longer be a community.




(the featured image is not of reflection of the Friday night meet I was talking about)

SEMA 2015 Coverage

SEMA this year I was skeptical about going,  I’ve been every year for the past 6 years or so. (I know some people that have been going for like 20 years in a row, so I really had no excuse). Earlier on in the day there was a guy shooting off gunfire by the airport in San Diego so they shut the airport down for incoming flights, which made our flight from San Diego to Las Vegas delayed one hour at a time for 4 hours.

Two words about this year. Worth it. I had a blast and got to hang out with some of my favorite people along with meeting someone I really look up to Jon Kosmoski-the creator of House of Kolor.

Here are a few pics of the experience…

86 Fest 2015


It was the fourth annual 86 fest at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana Ca on Sunday, September 27, 2015. Although it was about a billion degrees outside, the show did not disappoint.
This year the 86fest did not only include FRS, BRZ and AE86 owners, but all Subaru, Toyota and Scion owners and enthusiast.
One of the cleanest corollas at the show was actually owned by a female which was pretty cool in my opinion. The car was practically perfect from the inside out and it was nice to look at and read about.

One of the things I look forward to the most is probably seeing all the different wheels on the same chassis.

The weather certainly did not stop these car enthusiast to come out and show off their cars and or their appreciation for these cars.

They also had a section in the back of where the show was held at with a few cars doing some autocross and also where Scion was letting a few lucky peeps test drive their Scions.

I am already looking forward to next years 86fest! Every year this show gets bigger and better and I’m hoping my Corolla makes it to the show next year!

StephanieDrifts for MelissaDrifts @ 86 Fest!

Japanese Classic Car Show


JCCS is a pretty neat car show for car enthusiast to attend because it celebrates Japanese vintage cars. It was awesome to see so many different cars you don’t normally see and so many different vendors as well. It’s a show that not only attracts locals car owners but people from all over Southern California. The location of JCCS is one of the things that I think makes this car show a unique and sweet experience. The cars are parked in a lot overlooking the water with the Queen Mary as a backdrop. Although it was close to 80 degrees the ocean breeze kept everyone cool. JCCS is a show that can entertain not only the young folks but the older folks as well. The show was from 9am-3pm and for $15 the entrance I say it was well worth it. I look forward to JCCS 2016.

❤  @StephanieDrifts (on behalf of MelissaDrifts)

ZDAYZ 2015; Journey

This year ZDAYZ for us started in San Diego, stopped in Tucson AZ for Mothers Day to visit my mom, went off-roading in her new jeep, then off to Dallas.

West Texas is not for pussies. Going eastbound there was a series of potholes and raised ground… avoiding one patch of shitty road led us directly into another patch of even shittier road. We got a bit of air in the Z and then lost all tire pressure in the left rear tire. The Drag Wheel was perfect, not even a bend, just a tear in the sidewall.

In Fort Worth we stayed with a long time friend of mine John Gamble and his girlfriend, caught up on his recent move and crashed at his house. From there, the next morning we visited my Z32 that Mitch from EP Racing has rebuilt and was at Wireworks Performance for the tune, took some pictures to let people know the car still exists and it is still mine 😉 and headed out to Dallas where we met up with Billy, Vince and the guys ant Courtesy Nissan, grabbed lunch, and headed out to Birmingham, AL to stay with Todd and Nicole Weld.

Once in Birmingham Nicole and I stood in the grass for .5 minutes while we watched Chris Waters wash my Z when I got so many mosquito bites that my ankles formed kankles—tmi? nahhhh.

Leaving Birmingham with Chris, Todd, Nicole, and Amanda, our next stop… ZDAYZ.

ZDAYZ this year was a little bit mellower than years past, maybe i’m getting older, maybe everyone else is getting a little older, maybe a combination. The Z1 Deck party was still awesome as usual… got a little rowdy at midnight when a couple cars turned on in the parking lot and started rev’ing and shooting flames-thats how I knew I wasn’t in CA anymore…Freedom…’Murica… yah.

Chris Forsberg showed up with his rig of awesome. He brought his 240Z, NOS 370Z FD car, and the really mean M45 and took out the 370Z out for a little drifting in Fontana Village streets.

Photos by @Chris_Waters^^

Video of Forsberg Below by

SEMA 2014. Year of the Rocket Bunnies

I’m sorry this should have been up months ago! This years Sema was full of Rocket Bunny body kits… On everything.

The targa FRS was really cool, Toyota just needs to put a few more horse powers to make it worth it for something other than a pretty showpiece.

Thanks Mike Hill and Chris Waters for taking the photos while I roamed the show!

SEMA Part 2/2 – Plus; Girls of SEMA

So I gave my friend Mike creative control over a camera… here’s SEMA from his perspective…

We’ll start with a few of the cars…

Then move on to my poster signing/meet and greet at the JDM Sport booth… This was pretty awesome.

And last but not least… For the fellas… Here are some of the ladies of SEMA…

Photos by Mike Hill

SEMA 2013 Part 1/2

Amongst the sea of Scion FRS, Rocket Bunny and Liberty Walk kits I managed to find some real gems this year, some even went the extra mile to not include the average LS swap. Forget what you imagine about car shows and follow me on the journey though the best show Vegas has to offer. Imagine yourself in one of the massive Las Vegas convention center halls flooded with people from all over the world, gathering to see the most impressive builds of the past, present, and concept builds. This year Greddy brought out a hefty flat gray wide body FRS including illuminated badges and a single greedy turbo 2JZ swap that looked FD ready. Also FD ready was Dai Yoshihara’s upcoming FRS looking like a freshly plucked pearl in the Falken Tires booth. Bumping elbows and getting stepped on was all worth seeing the Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 in the Toyo booth, this thing looked straight up pissed off with its crazy stanced Rotiform wheels and R888s. All serous though ISS forged had one cherry red RWB Porsche sporting black Recaro seats, Takata harness, gold cage and matching lipped wheels. I can sit here and tell you about the cars that caught my eye but theres so many, so heres a quick one, TOYO pink RWB wow, dully rat rod truck OMG, Liberty Walk GTR upside down mount wing like what, yada yada yada, blue rocket bunny, gray rocket bunny, red rocket bunny and another color all parked out front… House of Kolor/Valspar booth really made me drool this year, just imagining all the crazy colors, or Kolors, I should do. On a side note for the ladies, or guys who are in the dog house and need a gift for your woman, they have released a nail polish line! I managed to score purple with blue flake and pink with butter gold flake, although at lunch I flung the pink bottle from my purse which shattered and made quite the mess on the marble floor. Night party night party night party, and last but not least JDM Sport brought out there soon to be track honda S2000 rocking a tightly fit LS swap.

Photo’s by Chris Waters

Cars and Coffee With a Side of the Nissan 360 Event

This Labor Day weekend has been awesome. Saturday morning we woke up bright and early before the sun rise to get to Cars and Coffee in Irvine CA.
Nissan Design was there with some vintage Silvia’s and a vintage Skyline race car. Andy Juang brought his R33 Skyline, Symbolic brought four Bugatti Veyron’s, and Magnus Walker brought some cool Porsche’s.

After meeting up with some of the awesome guys from Nissan Design, we cruised down the way to the Nissan 360 experience and got to see some of the concept cars from Nissan and Infiniti, saw some of the Nissans from all over the world with the different designs to fit the different demographics, and saw the GTR GT3-which gave me some ideas on what to do for my Z.

And I know you want to see more of that GTR….
(Photo Credit to Julien Thiebaud)