SEMA 2013 Part 1/2

Amongst the sea of Scion FRS, Rocket Bunny and Liberty Walk kits I managed to find some real gems this year, some even went the extra mile to not include the average LS swap. Forget what you imagine about car shows and follow me on the journey though the best show Vegas has to offer. Imagine yourself in one of the massive Las Vegas convention center halls flooded with people from all over the world, gathering to see the most impressive builds of the past, present, and concept builds. This year Greddy brought out a hefty flat gray wide body FRS including illuminated badges and a single greedy turbo 2JZ swap that looked FD ready. Also FD ready was Dai Yoshihara’s upcoming FRS looking like a freshly plucked pearl in the Falken Tires booth. Bumping elbows and getting stepped on was all worth seeing the Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 in the Toyo booth, this thing looked straight up pissed off with its crazy stanced Rotiform wheels and R888s. All serous though ISS forged had one cherry red RWB Porsche sporting black Recaro seats, Takata harness, gold cage and matching lipped wheels. I can sit here and tell you about the cars that caught my eye but theres so many, so heres a quick one, TOYO pink RWB wow, dully rat rod truck OMG, Liberty Walk GTR upside down mount wing like what, yada yada yada, blue rocket bunny, gray rocket bunny, red rocket bunny and another color all parked out front… House of Kolor/Valspar booth really made me drool this year, just imagining all the crazy colors, or Kolors, I should do. On a side note for the ladies, or guys who are in the dog house and need a gift for your woman, they have released a nail polish line! I managed to score purple with blue flake and pink with butter gold flake, although at lunch I flung the pink bottle from my purse which shattered and made quite the mess on the marble floor. Night party night party night party, and last but not least JDM Sport brought out there soon to be track honda S2000 rocking a tightly fit LS swap.

Photo’s by Chris Waters

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