Z1 Solid Aluminum Motor and Transmission Mounts; Review

This write up is pretty short, because there is one main question everybody asks about the solid aluminum mounts… 

Q; “How much does the car vibrate with the solid mounts?”

A; Its not as bad as you would think-

   On a scale of 1-10, one being the same as ‘OEM’ and 10 being ‘extreme vibrations’…

      -At idle there isn’t much difference between OE and Alum. (Scale rating-1)

     -Under normal acceleration you can tell the car seems more in tact, like an undercover race car. (Scale rating-2.5)

     -When you are accelerating fast..aka flooring it it’s solid, not crazy vibrations, but enough to make you a little giddy (Scale rating-7/8)

   -When drifting, it feels smooth while in motion but stiff, it was a little different initiating at first because you can really feel everything. (Scale rating-RACECAR)

Things that I wasn’t expecting before these were installed-

          The biggest unexpected difference was the noise. It transformed the inside of the car to sound like a cockpit of a racecar. It was noticeably louder as if I had swapped exhaust.

         The engine sounds echo’d quite a bit more also, I thought something was mechanically wrong at first. All the noises that I was used to before weren’t the same. Since the vibrations used to get absorbed into the rubber engine mounts, it would mask the noise. Now that that vibration has no where else to go you can really hear it…it’s awesome.

        The solid transmission mounts made shifting feel sturdier also, more precise than before.


I WOULD recommend the solid motor and transmission mounts to anyone that wants to stiffen up their Z, anyone that wants to really feel their car, and any Z enthusiast.

I WOULD NOT recommend these mounts if your looking for comfort and an ultra smooth ride… if thats what your looking for, get a Lexus.

Information from Z1 about these mounts;

Solid Aluminum Transmission mounts;

A direct replacement for the OEM Transmission mount found in both the Nissan 300zx and the 240sx, the Z1 Solid Aluminum Transmission Mount is THE LAST transmission mount your car will ever need!  Machined from 6061 Aluminum, the solid transmission mount will never sag, wear out, tear or rot.  By installing a solid aluminum transmission mount, 100% of the engine’s power/torque is channeled into the drivetrain and suspension.  This equates to improved performance on both on and off the track.

Weight Comparison:
Z1 Solid Aluminum Transmissino Mount = 1.25 lbs!! 
OEM Nissan Transmission Mount = 5.50 lbs
(with Factory Exhaust Hanger Bracket, Exhaust Hangers and 5 spd Vibration Dampner)
Solid Aluminum Motor Mounts

Z1 Motorsports Solid Aluminum Motor Mounts for all ’90+ Nissan 300zx models.

The LAST set of motor mounts your Z will ever need! A simple, yet effective design, these 6061 Aluminum Motor Mounts are a perfect alternative for anyone who is tired of replacing worn out motor mounts with expensive OEM units.

Both lighter than stock and much more compact, these solid aluminum motor mounts are available at a fraction of the cost of New OEM Nissan Motor Mounts.  Cars equipped with solid motor mounts take advantage of the added structural rigidity realised by making the engine an integrated part of the uni-body/sub-frame.

These mounts are a direct bolt-on application and do not require any modifications for proper installation.

Here are direct links to these products;

Z1 Solid Aluminum Motor Mounts

Z1 Solid Aluminum Transmission Mounts

2 thoughts on “Z1 Solid Aluminum Motor and Transmission Mounts; Review”

  1. Hey Melissa, do you use this with a one or two piece driveshaft? Just wondering since the one piece is a loss of a vibration dampener as well. I’m trying to decide how to redo mine.


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