A Few Pictures From This Weekend

This weekend at Cars and Coffee in Irvine was pretty cool, there were a lot of pretty high end cars, big trucks, and cool bikes.

This Mercedes SLS convertible’s hood was taller than me with my arms up!!

There was an appearance by this BEAUTIFUL Bugatti Veyron…


This Porsche was for sale for 31K! I would love this for a daily…

This super clean R33 Skyline showed up… I loved his license plate… I wonder how the cops around CA feel about it LOL

Jackie Tyner brought her Mini Cooper out! I love her offset!!!!

Gotta ❤ Fd’s! This one was a little rough around the edges, but the J-Spec front bumper is still the best one out there for these cars.

Lastly… this giant truck who rolled in about halfway through the morning, I wanted a picture on the tire… not realizing I would need a boost up there!



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