FormulaD Irwindale; Forsberg Takes the Championship!

Chris Forsberg via IG       “WE WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!! After an insane year with 7 out of 7 Top 4 finishes, 5 podiums, and 1 win, it all came down to the final battle of the final round to seal the championship for our team. It is an incredible feeling that cannot be described and I could never have done it without my team @mamotorsports, my spotter Scott, and of course my wife @michforsberg. To all of our sponsors, thank you so much for your support! @hankookusaracing @nosenergydrink @championplugs @aemintakes @voodoo13usa @thehoonigans @takataracingusa @clarionusa @shiningmonkeyinc @advancedclutch @mishimoto @nissan @nissanusa @ssrwheels @driveshaftshop @seiboncarbon @kwsuspension @alpinestarts @recaro_motorsport @basfrefinish @crollscustoms @vpracingfuels @liquidpowdercoaters @aprperformance @holleyperformance And of course… @shootfirstmedia


Irwindale Rd 7 Podium

3rd Forrest Wang

2nd Fredric Aasbo

1st Daigo Saito



On Track


Behind the Scenes , People, & Cars

ZCON San Diego 2014

The more and more I attend events like ZCON, ZDAYZ, and Znationals, I realize that its not about the cars. Don’t get me wrong, they are generally 70% great, but if you go to these events multiple times you have seen them before. I attend these events for the friendships I’ve made over the years. I’m sure I’m not alone on this one. I love the cars, I love the fact that the people that own Z’s generally have similar personalities. They all have the same traits but some are more pronounced than others. Here are my examples of where I think each trait originated from;


The Virginia guys are a bunch of shit talkers, if you don’t know them in real life then you would think that they were a bunch of assholes online. But meeting them in person, beneath the shit talking exterior, they are all pretty genuine guys…. except you Dave Hewitt, you couldn’t make it to ZCON this year-you suck.


The Alabama guys. I really enjoy the front ya’ll have of being shoeless hillbillies. I REALLY like that. But until last year is when I started really stalking you all on Facebook and instagram and I see why you would be barefoot… your grass out there looks amazing and your homes… if they were out here would be million dollar homes! Fuck, I’d be shoeless too, that marble flooring probably feels great on your toes.


The Atlanta guys, and I say Atlanta, not Georgia. You guys are super loud at everything and you are do-or-die kind of people, thats awesome. Now if we could get you guys with your numbers out here to SoCal. There’s only been one Atlanta guy that has been a party pooper and didn’t want to be in the selfie video-rose a stink about it… he sucks and probably will take that the wrong way because he was so serious about not wanting to be on video.


The Arizona guys, you guys have the biggest hearts. Shane, Adam, Mr Rook, Kendace, I love you. That is all.


The Louisiana guys, you have the best accents. Although when I think of Louisiana I think of Duck Dynasty, I’m glad none of you have made any of your horns into duck calls, and none of your Z’s wrapped in camo. Nice job reppin’ the Z’s out there.

The Texas guys, there are a lot of you in that state, I wish I could corral you into one area and hang out. You are the kind of guys that I just want to hang out with and probably not get sick of. You guys think a little more outside the box with your builds and care about whats going on with everyone and their builds… i’m not sure if thats because you really are interested, or if it’s to make sure you guys are a step ahead of the game ;P


<3 you all.

Here are a few of my pictures from ZCON. A few of the cars, a lot of the people. Thats what it’s all about.




ZDAYZ 2014 Adventure

Original Plan;

Knowing it was going to be close if the Z32 would be ready or not…

1. Buy plane tickets to Texas.

2. Fly to Texas to pick up race car aka Z32 from EPRacing.

3. Bring car to the Tail of the Dragon for ZDAYZ.


What actually happened;

1. Get notice Sunday that the car was not going to be ready.

2. Ditch plane tickets.

3. Pack up the 350Z

4. Start driving one hour later

Passing a few states, visiting my mom on Mothers Day in Arizona, getting into Dallas Monday.

Visiting the guys at Courtesy Nissan, getting the Z washed, and grabbing some lunch with them on my quest to find the road trips best BBQ we went to Bone Daddy’s… super good food, and for the fellas there were scantily clad dressed women.

Needing to kill a few hours we took the Z to a few spots and did a photo shoot around Mckinney and Plano;

(photo credit-Chris Waters)

Getting an invite from Billy at Courtesy to come to Mad Mikes house for a BBQ/party we decided to stay another day in Dallas. The next morning we cruised out bright and early with Mad Mike and Tetsu from Japan who were both also going to ZDAYZ.


We parted ways with Mike and Tetsu around the Birmingham area and we headed north while they headed towards Z1. We made it to Chattanooga Tennessee later that night and met up with the guys and gals from Louisiana and cruised up with them for the rest of the road trip to Tail of the Dragon. Stopping at a Walmart on the way for some necessities.

Once we got to Fontana Villiage we didn’t waste any time getting into the Moonshine

A few rolling around ZDAYZ pictures;

Cant forget Beer-limpics… well i’m sure some did.

A couple shots around Deals Gap and The Dragon;

(First three photos courtesy of Killboy)


Here is the #Selfie video if by chance you haven’t seen it yet… I’d like to think of it as a funny video yearbook of what really happens at ZDAYZ;

Since the Dam Photo was cancelled due to weather, we decided to venture off and check it out and take a few photos as well…

And who can forget Nissan making the 2015 Nismo 370Z debut at ZDAYZ!! (Those seats are to die for)

Before leaving Sunday morning, Aaron-winner of the best tape job and I cruised by the dam and did a few donuts around him.


The day we left, we cruised out with the Memphis Z Club and took more pictures. Once we got to Memphis we got some amazing BBQ.

Cruising out of Memphis back to Ft Worth were I visited Mitch at EPRacing… oh yeah and my race car :D It’s so close!!!

The next day I started my long journey from Ft Worth back to Phoenix where I was going to be drifting in a Car Street Journal event, but it got postponed until June. Instead of sitting around, we decided to go to the big car show that happens every weekend at the Scottsdale Pavilions. Met up with Shane Schuller, Simon Parsons, Nicole Ellan, and Rebecca Nguyen.


#626Drift Event 4/5/14

So this day was another great day. Although it started a little rocky for some of us, Garage Life started on fire and while everyone outside was running for water, I was running to my phone to try and catch some flames… this is what I got;   Garage Life






Then, my second run of the day the wall just came out of nowhere and hit my wheel!







Maybe it was me that was excited and came in too hot and hit the wall, the tire still held air! for how hard i felt like I hit i think the wheel held up pretty well! Here’s the rest of the carnage …

I put this blast on Facebook but had to share here as well because I can’t describe what happened at the track better than I had previously; “I just wanted to do a medium/quick shout out to the guys at Courtesy Nissan, Billy, Phi, and Vince, you guys are awesome! From this past Saturday while at Willow Springs, I couldn’t get the Autozone down the street to have a clue what I needed (3 people I got transferred to), I called Phi at Courtesy, he got me a part number, I called Autozone back and they said they couldn’t get it. OK I can see how that can be a dealer only part, so I called the closest Nissan dealership-armed with the part number. Hoping that I could make the 30 minute drive and just swap it out at the track. But that guy at the dealership seemed very unenthused and told me he didn’t have the part. I asked if he could do a parts search for me if any other dealership in southern CA had the part and he said he could not…I live and breath car things-I know you can check. So after I got off the phone with that Nissan dealer, I asked Phi From Courtesy Nissan if he could check for me which dealers around me had the part. He did, and let me know Riverside Nissan had the radius arm I needed…Still too far for me to drive and be able to finish the track day, I bent the arm back into place and drifted for the rest of the event. Then today, I called Billy at Courtesy, gave him my card number, and he’s shipping out the arm! It just seems like when everyone else found it too hard, Courtesy just pulls through with the best service.” After we bent the radius rod back to somewhat normal I finifhed the track day and we all sang and danced…

#626Drift Event; Feb 8th 2014 Pics&Vids

So this was my first 626Drift event, and it was a blast! Some new faces, and some familiar, it was good to catch up with everyone and lay some skids! I didn’t have much time so take pictures of everything, (I’ll try harder next time) but here are some pictures mainly taken by Julien Thiebaud and Chris Waters on video.

If you’ve never drifted before, and want to give it a go… or if your a super awesome drifter and want to do some multi car tandems and just eff around, come out! No excuses! My 350Z I took out is riding on stock suspension…the only modification done to it currently is a welded diff. <—–How to sign up & more info!

Here’s a little video I put together from the event of myself…

Here’s a little video of a four car tandem run we did…

Lastly, an uncut run if you want to check out the track layout…

New Year, New Car!

Check out my new car, it’s a 2008 Nissan 350Z. Not much planned for this beast, I just want to make it… well maintain it as a great daily driver and a back up drift car ;P

I’ve had the car for about a month so far. This is how it looked when i bought it…

And in the 40 or so days I’ve had it, I’ve put-

Drag-DR53 wheels on it-Sizes 19×9.5 and 19×10.5 Painted with a high metallic gold base coat followed up with House of Kolor Shimrin purple pearl.

BFG GForce Sport tires-Sizes 255/40/19 and 285/40/19

Pioneer AVH5500 double din






And I’ve fixed the panel that had a hole and lots of cracks that goes over the rear strut bar. How I fixed it? Fiberglassed the hole and cracks, painted the main part gloss black, and painted the ‘Z’ emblem the same purple as the wheels.

And Whalahhh!

Not quite finished yet, I would like to finish cleaning up some of the interior pieces that were scratched up a bit when i got it, get a set of JDM Sport coil overs, and a Nismo differential and I’ll be set… Famous last words right?

SevenStock 2013

I know it’s not Z related, but who doesn’t love an RX7?

Here was my experience at SevenStock this year;

First we arrived to Fontana and everyone lines up depending on chassis-you’d think this would be chaotic, but it flowed pretty smooth…

Once we made it into the show, we saw and heard some pretty sweet rotary things…

Caught up with Team All Stars…

IMG_0442And hung out with a group of guys who talk a lot of shit… they call themselves Trash Talk. And these guys own some pretty awesome FD’s.

Jaime from Trash Talk got bit on his inner upper thigh by this dog. the dudes went into a high five and the dog drew blood a little to close for comfort…

IMG_0469Robby (Trash Talker) decided to walk over to this guy in the Porsche that was like 18 feet taller than him. I was trying to get a good shot, this is what i managed to achieve…

The End.

SEMA Part 2/2 – Plus; Girls of SEMA

So I gave my friend Mike creative control over a camera… here’s SEMA from his perspective…

We’ll start with a few of the cars…

Then move on to my poster signing/meet and greet at the JDM Sport booth… This was pretty awesome.

And last but not least… For the fellas… Here are some of the ladies of SEMA…

Photos by Mike Hill

SEMA 2013 Part 1/2

Amongst the sea of Scion FRS, Rocket Bunny and Liberty Walk kits I managed to find some real gems this year, some even went the extra mile to not include the average LS swap. Forget what you imagine about car shows and follow me on the journey though the best show Vegas has to offer. Imagine yourself in one of the massive Las Vegas convention center halls flooded with people from all over the world, gathering to see the most impressive builds of the past, present, and concept builds. This year Greddy brought out a hefty flat gray wide body FRS including illuminated badges and a single greedy turbo 2JZ swap that looked FD ready. Also FD ready was Dai Yoshihara’s upcoming FRS looking like a freshly plucked pearl in the Falken Tires booth. Bumping elbows and getting stepped on was all worth seeing the Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 in the Toyo booth, this thing looked straight up pissed off with its crazy stanced Rotiform wheels and R888s. All serous though ISS forged had one cherry red RWB Porsche sporting black Recaro seats, Takata harness, gold cage and matching lipped wheels. I can sit here and tell you about the cars that caught my eye but theres so many, so heres a quick one, TOYO pink RWB wow, dully rat rod truck OMG, Liberty Walk GTR upside down mount wing like what, yada yada yada, blue rocket bunny, gray rocket bunny, red rocket bunny and another color all parked out front… House of Kolor/Valspar booth really made me drool this year, just imagining all the crazy colors, or Kolors, I should do. On a side note for the ladies, or guys who are in the dog house and need a gift for your woman, they have released a nail polish line! I managed to score purple with blue flake and pink with butter gold flake, although at lunch I flung the pink bottle from my purse which shattered and made quite the mess on the marble floor. Night party night party night party, and last but not least JDM Sport brought out there soon to be track honda S2000 rocking a tightly fit LS swap.

Photo’s by Chris Waters

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