ZCON Wednesday

Wednesday started with a Starbucks at the hotel lobby. We met up with a few friends we’ve been hanging out with since the pikes peak run the day before and wanted to get lunch and a photo shoot in. The first spot I found on Yelp lead us nowhere, called the number and they were also closed for the rest of the year… who knew? So I quickly googled ‘pretty scenery restaurants in Colorado Springs’ and the third one that came up had the best photos of their views, it was called ‘The Grand View Dining Room at the Garden of the Gods’ we didn’t realize it was such a nice restaurant/club, so, a little underdressed we all really enjoyed a really good meal and some beautiful views.

After lunch we hung out at the host hotel for a bit and caught up on some social media things, photo things, etc. We decided to go back to Garden of the Gods where we all did some filming for the ZCON video that I’ll be posting once it’s done… but trust, it’s going to be killer.

After watching the sunset we went back to the host hotel where we had dinner and drinks, cruised to the bar where everyone seemed to be hanging out, then off to the second floor were there’s a larger room where people in ZCON can hang out, drink, play cards, and chat. Such a fun night.

📸 by Momentum Media

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