SevenStock 2013

I know it’s not Z related, but who doesn’t love an RX7?

Here was my experience at SevenStock this year;

First we arrived to Fontana and everyone lines up depending on chassis-you’d think this would be chaotic, but it flowed pretty smooth…

Once we made it into the show, we saw and heard some pretty sweet rotary things…

Caught up with Team All Stars…

IMG_0442And hung out with a group of guys who talk a lot of shit… they call themselves Trash Talk. And these guys own some pretty awesome FD’s.

Jaime from Trash Talk got bit on his inner upper thigh by this dog. the dudes went into a high five and the dog drew blood a little to close for comfort…

IMG_0469Robby (Trash Talker) decided to walk over to this guy in the Porsche that was like 18 feet taller than him. I was trying to get a good shot, this is what i managed to achieve…

The End.

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