Sentrab Oil Cooler Install

So I ordered a Sentrab oil cooler from Z1 Motorsports…. needless to say it was overdue.

This is just a pretty basic ‘how-to’ install ,pictures included.

First take the bumper, nose piece, and intake off, this will make things easier to get to.

Remove the fan with the two 10mm bolts on top and pull forward and lift out so you can access the oil cooler bracket. (Don’t forget to unplug the electrical connector to the right of the fan also)

It takes a 10mm to remove the oil cooler as well.









Bolt up the new bracket in the existing location using the same 10mm factory screws.









Bolt fan back in and plug the electrical thing back in the right side of the fan.









Install oil cooler, and make sure to top off your oil.









Z1 sent these fittings so I could use my stock lines…









Install fittings, make sure the fittings on both facing the passenger side of the car. It’s also a good idea to use some 3m double sided sticky tape along the bottom to secure it down even more.









Attach factory lines to fittings…









Then just re-attach your air filter, and you’ll be running as cool as ever! ;P

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