New Rockstar Catch-Can Install

So from the Z being so low, my stock coolant over-flow tank got warn down so much that it made a giant hole in the bottom and side.

So there needed to be a solution…ROCKSTAR CAN!!!!


Step 1: Grab a can… in this situation, i picked out the pink Rockstar can 🙂

Step 2: Open can, if you have someone else open it-make sure to shake it first.

Step 3: Enjoy the crap out of it…

Step 4: Back to work. Time to take off the wheel…

Step 5: Unscrew the three screws off the stock overflow tank and pull it out.

Step 6: With limited space under the hood of the Z, I couldn’t find space to even fit a can in there. So I figured I would have to put it where the original overflow tank was. I unscrewed this thing i circled to have a place to mount a bracket. (Bracket is the picture below-I just used a dash gauge mount.)

Step 7: Put some double sided sticky tape (3m) on the back of the bracket, clean the little black tank that your going to stick it to, stick it on, and screw the bracket to the other bracket that holds the black thing.

Step 8: Secure Rockstar can and put the hose through the top of the can.


I’m sure there are many ways to do this, this is just one of the ways.

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