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Project S13

Remember what this looks like. This is my new project, it’s a 1990 Nissan 240sx. I bought the car yesterday and in the blink of an eye this car is going to be gorgeous, hard to believe now…

Godspeed Turbos

So I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding the Godspeed Turbos… Sooooo here’s what I’ve got so far. I’ve had the T28’s on the car for about a month so far, I daily drive the car, drive it to LA from San Diego about once a week, take it to Arizona from San Diego about once a month, I’ve put a few thousand miles on them so far and they are great…
I’ve been going to events and really pushing the car.. always on the rev limiter and everything is still strong.
Since the Turbo’s have been put in, along with the Godspeed intercoolers and Megan Downpipes and test pipes the car feels more efficient and solid. I have 161,000 miles on my Z right now and if you drove it you would never know it was that high…
As for the boost? Well it originally boosted at 3k rpm’s… now boosts at 3200rpms, so considering that these turbos are bigger the lag isn’t much worse than the stockers. Which could probably be helped out with the dual MAF upgrade which I haven’t done yet…Soon though.

Paint Job nearly finished and a drift event at Firebird 7/10/10

Saturday morning timeline;

10:30-we get to the shop, paint is finished on the car, just another layer of clear coat to go.

12:00-the z is out in the sun drying (it was about 110 degrees outside)

12:30-the wheels get painted the hot pink color then laid out to dry.

3:00-tires get mounted on newly painted wheels

4:00-stickers get put on car

5:00-leave for the track

Needless to say it was an extremely busy day.

After doing this event the next modification to the car will definitely be an ‘angle kit’. I’d suggest this to anyone with a twin turbo Z to help control it when the boost kicks in.

More pictures to come of the event…