Finished painting the S13’s wheels… One word. Hot.

After about 4 days of prepping, priming, painting, and re-doing one of Drag’s Dr31’s…I am finished. The hot pink was so bright, it turned out almost an orange-ish pink… Take a peek…Drag-DR31's.

6 thoughts on “Finished painting the S13’s wheels… One word. Hot.”

    1. The green is a ‘house of kolor’ neon green, and the pink is… well I forgot who makes the pink lol. But both colors also have purple glitter in the clear coat

    1. the better prepped, the better the paint sticks… i did a poor prep job on one of them, and it’s already starting to flake, but yeah… just taking the extra few minutes to do a good job sanding and the correct measurements of paint vs reducer/hardener

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