Stocking Stuffers

IMG_7427 Ok I know what your thinking, Black Friday has long past & December has started, but you still need that little extra something for your loved one. That’s right I’m talking about your Z or G. Well, Z1 motorsports has you covered on that final stocking stuffer that you have had your eye on. Let’s talk pedal feel, your ripping down the track in the top of 3rd, you shake the wheel right kick that clutch hard oh what’s that! It’s more solid than ever then throw your car sideways into that corner, feeling that thrill as you exit and straighten out but what!!!! Dude in front spun! You downshift and get on the brakes, response is amazing. “Thank you Z1 brake master brace thank you!” You say to yourself as you avoid nailing your front end. Glad you followed me on that one, now your thinking but Melissa, I don’t want to spend more at the snap on truck than on the parts just to install them. I got you, here’s everything you will need: 15 minutes of your afternoon, 2 10mm, 14mm, 17mm and a 17mm open ended wrench!

And don’t forget to ask Shanna to draw something special on that shipping box!


With the Z1 Brace;



(Pictures by Melissa, write up by Chris Waters)


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