ZCON San Diego 2014

The more and more I attend events like ZCON, ZDAYZ, and Znationals, I realize that its not about the cars. Don’t get me wrong, they are generally 70% great, but if you go to these events multiple times you have seen them before. I attend these events for the friendships I’ve made over the years. I’m sure I’m not alone on this one. I love the cars, I love the fact that the people that own Z’s generally have similar personalities. They all have the same traits but some are more pronounced than others. Here are my examples of where I think each trait originated from;


The Virginia guys are a bunch of shit talkers, if you don’t know them in real life then you would think that they were a bunch of assholes online. But meeting them in person, beneath the shit talking exterior, they are all pretty genuine guys…. except you Dave Hewitt, you couldn’t make it to ZCON this year-you suck.


The Alabama guys. I really enjoy the front ya’ll have of being shoeless hillbillies. I REALLY like that. But until last year is when I started really stalking you all on Facebook and instagram and I see why you would be barefoot… your grass out there looks amazing and your homes… if they were out here would be million dollar homes! Fuck, I’d be shoeless too, that marble flooring probably feels great on your toes.


The Atlanta guys, and I say Atlanta, not Georgia. You guys are super loud at everything and you are do-or-die kind of people, thats awesome. Now if we could get you guys with your numbers out here to SoCal. There’s only been one Atlanta guy that has been a party pooper and didn’t want to be in the selfie video-rose a stink about it… he sucks and probably will take that the wrong way because he was so serious about not wanting to be on video.


The Arizona guys, you guys have the biggest hearts. Shane, Adam, Mr Rook, Kendace, I love you. That is all.


The Louisiana guys, you have the best accents. Although when I think of Louisiana I think of Duck Dynasty, I’m glad none of you have made any of your horns into duck calls, and none of your Z’s wrapped in camo. Nice job reppin’ the Z’s out there.

The Texas guys, there are a lot of you in that state, I wish I could corral you into one area and hang out. You are the kind of guys that I just want to hang out with and probably not get sick of. You guys think a little more outside the box with your builds and care about whats going on with everyone and their builds… i’m not sure if thats because you really are interested, or if it’s to make sure you guys are a step ahead of the game ;P


❤ you all.

Here are a few of my pictures from ZCON. A few of the cars, a lot of the people. Thats what it’s all about.




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