SEMA 2012

SEMA 2012 was awesome, a week of cars, people, and partying at night. I don’t know how we all got through this week with how much energy needed for every day, and the minimum sleep we all got. Once again, worth it. Great show! Here are a few pictures from the weekend, mostly cars.

JDM Sport had a great booth and always great people, thanks for everything! Love you guys!

Thanks Mike Hill for housing us!!! Jax is adorable!

Chris Waters thanks for taking some great shots of a lot of these cars! Thanks for coming out!

Jack Hu and the Polish guys… I have no idea how you guys can drink so much and be able to function… nice meeting you (polish) guys, and Jack… hopefully it’ll be sooner than another year until we do this again!

Nice Seeing everyone this weekend I hope everyone held up, mentally, financially, and physically!…

Enjoy the pictures!

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