Nissan USA’s Project 370Z Drift Testing

This weekend at ZCON I had met a lot of great people, including a few from Nissan USA who had brought out a few Nissans and incorporated test drives at the show for the new 370Z convertible. The next day there was a drift event at Firebird raceway and I had the opportunity to drift their Project 370z!

I went into the car thinking it wasn’t going to be easy because of the stability control, ABS, and rev match technology-I figured all that might be better for daily driving and road courses. Not drifting.

I was completely wrong and was blown away by how great this car actually handled that I didn’t want to have to give it back! After getting used to some of the newer technology and the reliability of the newer car, I really enjoyed testing it out. I may now have a new Z obsession.

In comparison to my 300ZX the 370Z was much easier to get sideways and stay sideways.

In comparison to my old 350Z the 370Z had a little more want to get tail happy and spin out when you don’t expect it, 350 was a weeee bit more predictable while in the drift.



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