Motor Build – Ep Racing

And So it Begins

Project; Motor Build 4th Generation

Builder; EP Racing, in Alvarado Texas

The main parts and things involved;

*CP Racing Pistons

*Carrillo Rods

*ARP Head Bolts

*Three Angle Valve Job

*JWT Valve Springs

*EP Racing 8qt Oil Pan

Goal; About 500 RELIABLE rear wheel horse power.

EP Racing receives the goods!

Bare, busted motor will begin its glorious transformation. I would consider EP Racing to be like a health spa for my motor to get big and strong 🙂

Along with the motor, some of my parts arrive too… Shiny

First step is to Ceramic Lubricant the skirt of the pistons, and Ceramic Resin the tops…

Fresh machine work…

Check Valves and restrictors…

After some High Temp Paint to make it look nice…

Go Fast Bits…



Almost Finished! Motor Build Sexiness!

More Pictures as the motor build continue!


4 thoughts on “Motor Build – Ep Racing”

  1. I’m glad you did not get up on the 300zx and the Vg platform Melissa. what are you using for angle modifications? I’m running modified steering knuckles on my Z done by a friend of mine in Missouri.

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